Las Cruces Author Judy Cicero has a New Book…

Las Cruces author Judy Cicero has a new book, “Tate and the Lotus Pond: A Fantasy,” recently released by RoseDog Books.

“Tate and the Lotus Pond: A Fantasy” follows boy hero Tate and Little-One, a refugee baby spider, in their search for Little-One’s home web on the mysterious lotus pond, according to a news release from the publisher. “These unlikely friends, accompanied by Tate’s imagination, face the dangerous Bully Fish, menacing Sumo Snails, the evil Kameko, a renegade turtle taxi driver and the deadly Steaming Vapors” on their web-finding journey. “They are befriended by the illusive Morning Glories, noisy Froglings, generations of Lotus plants and the Parasol Ants. Tate and Little-One are honored for their bravery and wild imaginations with a welcome-home tea ceremony hosted by Geisha Butterflies, dancing Fireflies and their family and friends.”

Originally from Ohio where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work from Heidelberg College and Case Western Reserve University, Cicero moved to Las Cruces in 1994.